Student Book Trailers

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Want help deciding what to read next?  Check out some of these book trailers created by Marionville students.  Students are required to cite their sources (pictures, music, content) for any project they wish to post.  Trailers were created using Windows Movie Maker and are no larger than 4MB.  

Our newest trailers . . .


Among the Hidden (Haddix)
by Shaunti Scott
by Katie Stafford
Catching Fire (Collins)
by Tabatha Morrison
by Morgan Essary
by Ms. Tammi
Dark Life (Falls)
by Nathan Scott
Dork Diaries (Russell) 
by Whitney Floyd
by Madylon Davis
Hunger Games (Collins)
by Lauren Robinson
Jungle Book (Kipling)
by Holli Noll
by Audrey Shively
Last Olympian (Riordan) by Wyatt Killman
Lightning Thief  (Riordan)
by Corey Rusher
Lost Hero (Riordan)
by Chase White
by Haylie Ebeling
by Ms. Mueller
Runaway Twin (Kehret)
by April Head
School of Fear  (Daneshvari)
by Sydney Davis
Sea of Monsters (Riordan)
by Jordan Altman
by Tanna Fulks
Stolen Children  (Kehret)
by Paige Means
by Alexus Buckert
Toes (Seidler) 
by Kierstin Wilson
Wolf Brother  (Paver)
by Alexis Gracia
by Joshua Burnley
Volcano Disaster  (Kehret)
by Kiley Kesterson
Zoobreak (Korman) by Dailey Allen x

Non-Fiction Books

Wil Ghan
Natalie Baker
 Evan Dotson
Kyle Keith
Duane Hammonds
Isaiah Marks
Jordan Williams
Payton Bettinger
Chelra Taylor
 Alex Oczkus
Austin White
Ema Fisher
Jason S
Jaxi Brown
Kylen Macarthur
Logan White
Nevaeh Figgins
Nicholas Guldner
Madyson Garoutte
Alyssa White
Kyilee Katz
Jena Tilson
Hanna Nolf
Edwin Valente
Adam Phillips
Alanna Goodman
. . . .
. . . .


Thank you to Royalty Free Music for providing music clips for these student productions. Their grant program “provides music and sound effects for colleges, universities, and other education related types of establishments at no cost.” By participating, our staff and students will be able to use our award-winning music for a variety of non-profit educational projects such as background music in theatrical productions, tech-based programs, film, television, PowerPoint presentations, web sites, and many more.